Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Sophomores Christina Winkler and Emily Brode showing off their Gemstone Pride in their new Gemstone sweatshirts!

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Why I Chose Gemstone...

Every Gemstone class elects for themselves a group of representatives that help to create events for the program and act as liaisons between the students and the faculty.

This year's freshman class elected Amelia Bateman, Alexa Cohen, Tim Furman, and Caroline McCue to represent their cohort year. 

We asked these reps to give us a little insight on why they chose to be a part of Gems.

Amelia: I chose the Gemstone program because I hoped to do something meaningful for society during my time at college but didn't know where to start. Gemstone seemed like the perfect opportunity to meet people with similar philanthropic goals and academic ambitions, yet diverse interests and experiences. I can already say with certainty that I made the right choice; I've made the most wonderful friends, gained mentors among the Gemstone upperclassmen and staff, and cannot wait to join a team and start researching!

Alexa: I had already known a few upperclassmen from my high school that joined Gemstone. I also went to a high school called the STEM academy. In this academy, we had to do a four-year capstone project. This was very similar to the Gemstone program and I really enjoyed doing research, so I choose Gemstone.

Tim: I chose Gemstone on the recommendation of Dr. Dorland, the Honors College Director. My father and I got a call from mom in the middle of a campus visit that a letter about acceptance into the Honors Program had just arrived at our house in Ohio. Knowing very little about any of it, we made a detour to Anne Arundel, which someone told us was the Honors base of operations. Dr. Dorland happened to be avaliable, and graciously agreed to talk to me about the various programs, as well as actually sign me up for one - apparently in-state students had already decided on their programs well before my letter even got there. Anyway, I had an interest in Gems and DCC, he said that Gems was probably a better program, and we shook hands on it.

Caroline: I chose the Gemstone program based on what I'd heard from friends and students I spoke with on campus visits. The people I talked to about it told me they liked being a part of such impressive research of course, but most importantly, they loved the people involved: peers, mentors, and Gemstone staff. I'm so glad I picked Gemstone because I can certainly say that the people I have gotten to know in the program are some of the most inspirational, supportive, passionate people I've met.