Monday, May 4, 2015

Gemstone takes University Awards

The Gemstone program performed very well at the University of Maryland 34th annual awards program. In addition to many inductees to ODK, 7 different Gemstone scholars were recognized for their outstanding performance and involvement at UMD. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Omicron Delta Kappa
Omicron Delta Kappa is an honor society at UMD which seeks to recognize students who exemplify the best of our university through their scholarly and extracurricular activities. Gemstone had 8 inductees this past academic year.
Fall 2014 Inductees:
Winston Liu
Sree Sinha
Julia Wainger

Spring 2015 Inductees:
Emily Cheung
Eileen Ser
Zachary Siegel
Leah Sukri
Christina Winkler

Omicron Delta Kappa Top Ten Freshman
These ten freshman are recognized for their great “achievement in leadership and campus involvement” in the short time they have attended UMD.

Recipient: Elliot Frank, Journalism Co-chair for GSC

Maryland Images Volunteer of the Year Award
This honor is given to one student who has given exceptional amounts of time and effort as a tour guide to help prospective students choose UMD.

Recipient: Christina Winkler

Outstanding Chapter President of the Year Award
This award is given by the Omega Greek Leadership Honor Society to a fraternity or sorority chapter president who exemplifies leadership and the Greek Life community.

Recipient: Kara Higgins

Resident Assistant of the Year Award
These award winners are recognized for their outstanding service as resident assistants in their communities. They serve as role models for their peers and foster community development.

Recipient: Benjamin Borchers

Members of the Maryland Medallion Society and Byrd/Elkins Finalists Recipients:
Winston Liu, Michael Sikorski, Sree Sinha

Wilson H. Elkins Award
This honor recognizes a graduating senior who is extremely involved in campus activities and who has helped make significant strides in student affairs. This award was made in memory of Wilson H. Elkins, who was the president of UMD from 1954 to 1978.

Recipient: Sree Sinha

Friday, May 1, 2015

Precious Gem: Tori Queeney

Hello from the Netherlands! Or as they say here, hoi-hoi! I’m currently spending the semester in Maastricht, a small city in the southernmost province of the Netherlands. I originally was going to study in Amsterdam, but Dr. Coale and Dr. Skendall were really interested in a program here in Maastricht and how it could be adapted for the Gemstone curriculum, so I did a little research and found myself volunteering to be the first UMD student to study here! I liked the program here because of the four-week “project period” at the end of the semester. The project that the Gemstone staff was interested in is called Think Tank, where teams of students (sound familiar?) work together to solve problems posed to them by real-world companies and institutions. I’m the first UMD student to come to Maastricht, but we’re hosting a UCM student in the fall and hope to have more Gemstone students study abroad here in the future. Of course, I’m still working with my Gemstone team while I’m here – I mostly do editing for grant proposals and other writing things. I love being able to stay involved – my team, CATTAILS, recently won the library award and I’m so proud!