Monday, November 30, 2015

10 Reasons to be Excited about Gems Formal

It is almost that time of the year again!


In case you have not been following the gems formal mystery videos (linked below), the theme is: Masquerade.


And here are ten reasons why you should be more than just excited and ready to go.

1. You have had a long and laborious semester. You deserve to have a night out to just relax and have fun!
(We's been a long semester, hang in there)

2. You get to wear a mask without anyone judging you. You can even make your own mask with your friends! (Details about our Mask Making Event below!). 

 3. You get to show off your “whip” and “nae nae” skills, which you have been secretly working on all semester long.

  4. There will be some amazing tunes for you to be able to rock it, shake it, pop it, and jazz out to, courtesy of DJ Dahlia.
 (Follow in the footsteps of Tay-Tay at award shows and just have fun!)

5. You get to wear that fine outfit that has been sitting in your closet all semester, ready to be worn.  You’re going to look FABULOUS.

 6. It is a great bonding experience. From helping each other prepare for the event to dancing and accidentally stepping on each others feet, you will end up feeling a lot closer to your fellow peers.

  7. It is probably your last chance of having fun before finals kick in and you spend all day in a study carrel. 

  8. Jessica Lee is most probably going to be there (staffing the event).

  9. If you do not go, you will most definitely have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and it will HAUNT YOU.

  10. You will make memories to last a lifetime.

So bring your best masks and dancing shoes, we expect to see you at Stamp’s Colony Ballroom, at 9PM on Friday, December 4th.
Buy Tickets here for $12 at or the UMD Ticket Office in STAMP (cash only).

Watch the gems formal mystery videos here:

Make your own masks THIS WEEK on Tuesday, December 1st and Wednesday, December 2nd, 7PM-9PM at La Plata’s Multipurpose room. Supplies will be provided, first come first serve.

-30 November, 2015 - Nazifa Chowdhury