Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Team MEGA: Senior Team Update

 This past summer was an exciting one for senior Team MEGA culminating in the construction of their greenhouse and small-scale aquaponic systems on the South Campus Diner Rooftop. The team worked continuously over the summer break to assemble their designed systems and the final phase of research.  Not only was the team making strides in their research, but they were also fortunate to have member Kevin Li travel along with Dr. Skendall and Jason Burtnick of Team AWE to the 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference in Amsterdam.  The conference's theme, Urban Challenges, focused on building healthy, smart & creative cities for the future.
Team MEGA has been having great success moving forward with their final year of research in the Gemstone program. 
This semester five members of Team MEGA, Kevin Li, Jessica Lu, Luke O’Connor, Adam Louie, and Kelly Misner, were selected to attend the Thought for Food World Summit in Berlin, Germany. The conference focused on discussing innovative and sustainable ideas necessary to feed the 9 billion people of the world community projected for 2050. 

"It was a wonderful opportunity to see different parts of the world, exchange innovative ideas, and maybe take a little bit of time off.”- Kevin Li

Prior to the 3-day conference, MEGA met in D.C. with the CEOs of Syngenta, a company dedicated to the realization of plant-life potential using fewer resources, to participate in the launch of their new Good Growth Plan.  Team MEGA hopes to continue with this momentum in order to finish their thesis and apply for publication.

-Luke O'Connor: Class of 2013: Team MEGA

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