Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meet the GSC: Cohort Relations

Co-Vice President of Cohort Relations: Lara Fu
Lara is junior Government & Politics major on team MORALS. As co-VP, she hopes to be able to facilitate more interaction between underclassmen and upperclassmen. She is super pumped for GEMS FORMAL this December. When she is not discussing current issues in the Supreme Court in her favorite class of the same name, doing homework, or doing amazing things for Gemstone, she likes going horseback riding, traveling, and watching Friday Night Lights.

Co-Vice President of Cohort Relations: Lauren Amrhein
Lauren is a senior Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major on team SAVIOR. She hopes to be able to organize enjoyable and useful professional events for Gemstone students this year. She is a cat person who is extremely fond of ballet and choreography. She thinks The Office is the best show of all time. She also claims that North Campus squirrels are nicer than South Campus squirrels because the latter will “straight up attack you”. Be aware.

Class of 2016 Representative: Isha Agarwal
Isha is a senior Cell Biology & Genetics and Government & Politics major on team SAVIOR. As the representative for the senior Gems, she hopes to be able to create and execute fun activities for the senior class. According to Isha, all the squirrels on campus are savage. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and watching her favorite TV show, Friends. This year, her favorite class is her Genetics Lab because she gets to mutate worms in that class. She is also an avid lover of Indian food, sushi, and pizza.

Class of 2017 Representative: Paige Chan
Paige is a junior Bioengineering major on team MTB. As the representative for the junior Gems, she is most excited about all the fun GSC events that are coming up and she hopes to get her cohort more involved in Gemstone. Her favorite thing on campus is the sparkly Testudo in the School of Public Health. In her free time, she enjoys baking and exploring the outdoors. She believes that Gemstone is the best because Ellicott rocks.      


Class of 2018 Representative: Nicolette “Nikki” S. Wolfrey
Nikki is a sophomore Government & Politics major on team BIASES. As representative of the sophomore Gems, she is looking forward to planning various events for her cohort this year. Her favorite thing about UMD is the school spirit and Gemstone. She has a penchant for photography and likes to go horseback riding in her free time. Gemstone has provided her with friendships to last a lifetime, which is why she thinks Gemstone is the absolute best.

Class of 2019 Representative: Christopher Hallock
Christopher is a freshman Fire Protection Engineering major. He is excited to have direct influence in the events for his cohort and has some exciting plans on board for the freshman class this year. His favorite thing about UMD is Testudo and his favorite food is sushi. In his free time, he likes dancing and cooking. You will also find, if you ever come by E2, that Christopher likes to give the residents free haircuts!

-12 November, 2015 - Nazifa Chowdhury

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