Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meet the GSC: Community and Social Initiatives (CSI) Committee

Now introducing the Gemstone Student Council CSI Committee for 2015-2016!

Vice-President of CSI: Kymberlee McMaster

Kym is a junior Computer Science major and part of Gemstone Team DIRE. As Vice-President, she is most looking forward to planning enjoyable events for the Gemstone student body! Her favorite thing about UMD is just how beautiful the campus can be. She is also very appreciative of the bonding that the Gemstone community fosters. It’s the reason why her favorite class was GEMS102! Kym enjoys playing soccer, watching TV (Pushing Daisies!), and baking. She is also a HUGE superhero enthusiast! Her favorite superhero right now is Jessica Jones.  

Event Co-Chair: Saul Schaffer

Saul is a freshman Mechanical Engineering major here on the CSI Committee. As Event Co-Chair, he hopes to plan and execute fun activities with reasonable budgets that EVERYONE will want to attend! Saul is most looking forward to working with David from the Operations Committee. In his free time, Saul enjoys reading, running, and cracking hilarious jokes. Speaking of jokes, do you know why Saul’s favorite class is The Manhattan Project Honors Seminar? Because it’s THE BOMB! Hahahahaha. Yeah. Saul’s favorite food is any kind of cheese that isn’t American, and the only thing Saul loves more than non-American cheese is the Gemstone program! Why? Because “it’s lit”.  

Event Co-Chair: Soma Umeozulu 

Soma is a freshman Chemistry major who, as Event Co-Chair, hopes to plan some exciting and memorable events for you all! Like any sane person, Soma is looking forward to Gems Formal, which is THIS FRIDAY! She loves Gemstone because there are so many different activities happening every day, and there is a plethora of cool people to do them with! Soma’s favorite food is white chip macadamia nut cookies. Her favorite TV show is Regular Show, which is anything but. Her pastimes include reading, theatre, travelling, and aprendiendo espaƱol. Soma, like many North Campus residents, is unaware of the vast cultural divide between North Campus and South campus squirrels. 

Gems Formal Chair: Zeke Gonzalez

Zeke is a senior Psychology and Ecology & Evolution major on Gemstone Team SAVIOR. As Gems Formal chair, he hopes to throw a L I T Formal… that is as safe as it is fun. Zeke is looking forward to getting to know his fellow GSC members and having fun with the Gemstone community! Zeke’s favorite hobbies include watching TV (Hannibal!), reading and writing, swimming, and having friends (SAME). His favorite class is his Mammalogy Lab, where he gets to play with awesome skulls! His favorite part of being a UMD student is the
incredible diversity of the student body and being able to meet so many awesome people! Zeke thinks the South Campus squirrels are fatter than the North campus ones, while the North Campus squirrels are sassier. While this is probably true, it only scratches the surface of the age-old conflict between North and South Campus squirrels.

Student Council Relations Chair: Jason “Jittner” Ittner

Jason is a freshman Electrical Engineering major. As the Student Council Relations Chair, he hopes to foster an almost uncomfortably close relationship between all of the committees. Jason enjoys running, going to the gym, and Netflix and Chilling with friends (platonically). His favorite thing about UMD is the incredible amount of activities that are on campus every day of the week. He loves Gemstone because “we’re chill”. Not really sure what that means. Jason loves soccer, and his favorite team is Borussia Dortmund. His favorite TV show of all time is The Legend of Korra; he is an aspiring airbender. Jason, from personal experience, thinks that the squirrels on South Campus are cheekier than their Northern brethren. 

-02 December, 2015 - David Nguyen

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