Thursday, February 21, 2013

Busting Gems Myths!

1.) Gemstone students are not involved in other organizations on campus.
BUSTED! On the contrary, Gemstone students are some of the most actively involved students on campus! Many students participate in Greek life, intramural sports, musical and artistic groups, and service organizations. Some popular groups among Gemstone students are Marching Band, Engineers without Borders, and Omicron Delta Kappa (a co-ed honors fraternity).  
2.) Gemstone students cannot study abroad.
BUSTED! Not true! Gemstone students are allowed to study abroad during the spring semester of their sophomore year, or either semester of junior year. Additionally, students can opt to study abroad during any winter/summer term.
3.) Gemstone requirements will not allow me to double major or graduate in three years.
          BUSTED! Gemstone students frequently double major or add minors to their coursework!  Additionally, students are allowed to graduate early as long as they make an agreement with their team to help finish the project after they graduate.
4.) Gemstone is only for engineers.
BUSTED! Absolutely not!  Gemstone is INTERDISCIPLINARY, and is open to any and all students who are accepted into the Honors College.  There are many Gemstone projects that focus on topics relating to the humanities.  

For example, Team POLITIC is researching the relationship between literature and foreign policy:
5.) Four-year programs have fewer benefits than two-year programs.
BUSTED! While both types of programs have plenty of benefits, the fact that the Gemstone Program is a four-year program actually enables students to complete entire projects and gain experience in all aspects of research since thorough research requires long periods of time. Gemstone students are able to have hands on experience from literature review and grant writing to thesis defense and, in some cases, publication and attending conferences across the country.
6.) Gemstone students cannot participate in any other research on campus.
BUSTED! Also not true! Gemstone students can work on other research projects with teaching assistants and professors. Students have held research positions during winter and summer positions.  Many Gemstone students are also recipients of research grants and achieve departmental honors awards for their individual research.  

-Christy Tsui: Team EPIDEMICS: Class of 2015
-Daniel Atlas: Team Gene Therapy: Class of 2013

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