Monday, February 18, 2013

Precious Gem: Ramita Dewan

Throughout her time at UMD, Ramita was a typical Gemstone student involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and commitments.  A neurobiology and physiology major, Ramita worked in neurobiology research for 3 years, founded the spiritual discussion group Chinmaya Yuvakendra, and even competed 3 times at the National Collegiate Table Tennis Competition as a member of UMD Club Table Tennis.  Ramita Dewan has the typical concerns of a senior in the Gemstone program – editing Team SWAMP’s thesis, preparing for the thesis conference this spring, and balancing her busy schedule involving work and having a social life.  But instead of having a 16 credit semester, Ramita has a 40 hour work week. 
Having graduated in May 2012, Ramita is currently working at NIH at the surgical neurology branch at the national institute of neurological disorders and stroke (NINDS).  Her research involves investigating the progression and treatment options for a genetic CNS tumor predisposition syndrome called Neurofibromatosis 2.  A student passionate about research, Ramita made the decision to continue with the Gemstone program and see it through until completion.  “I felt like a part of the team and didn't want to just give up on it since I was graduating,” said Ramita.  From applying to medical school, completing Gemstone, teaching at her spiritual center on the weekends, and just going to the gym or trying out new recipes in the kitchen, it’s definitely a challenge to balance everything together, Ramita says.  But the key to managing for her is to just enjoy everything she is a part of.  Fulfilling her commitments can be difficult, but being passionate about them definitely helps and is what sets Ramita apart from so many.
            “The most fulfilling aspect of Gemstone was getting to know my team better and going through this journey with them, whether it was working through our challenges or enjoying our time together.”  As Ramita continues to work toward the next chapter of her life – she hopes to attend medical school in 2014 – she is definitely satisfied with her choice to stay with the program.  As a fellow teammate, I can say that we’re so glad she did!

Raevathi Ramadorai :Team SWAMP: Class of 2013

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