Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meet the class of 2015's new GSC reps!

The Gemstone Student Counsel, GSC, is a committee made up of representatives from each Gemstone cohort year. Usually GSC elections are held earlier in the year, but GSC has recently been graced by the new addition of two sophomore class representatives, Christina Winkler and Emily Brode. Emily and Christina are both members of GSC as well as the PR (public relations) committee. They were both kind enough to share some of their excitement and motivation behind joining GSC and getting even more involved with Gems than they already were... 
Christina and Emily
Christina: For me, I really enjoy student leadership, so I was eager to be a part GSC. Outside of GSC, I am very involved in Gemstone as a section leader, camp leader, and a member of the Gems100 Steering Committee. Since I am so involved in the program, I am always interested in finding new ways to make it even better. I thought that GSC was a great way for me to be even more involved, especially with planning events and fun activities for our students. While on GSC, I hope to plan events that both bring back upperclassmen who are no longer as involved in the program as well increase the number of freshmen and sophomores participating in gemstone extracurricular activities.
Emily: The obvious answer for why I wanted to be a part of GSC is because of the love I have for Gemstone. I fell in love with the program at Gems Camp my freshman year and was immediately sure that I wanted to become as involved as possible. As a result, I became a section leader, camp leader, and a member of the Gems Camp Planning Committee. When the opportunity arose to apply for a spot on GSC I knew I had to apply. As a sophomore representative on GSC, I plan to keep interest and help plan events that every student in the Gemstone Program wants to attend. I would love to get more sophomore and other upperclassmen to come to all the wonderful events and share the love for Gemstone that I do!
Christina Winkler: Class of 2015: Team VIRTUAL
Emily Brode: Class of 2015: Team SILVER

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