Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Team Food Deserts: Thoughts on the Thesis Conference...

Four years! It’s been a long haul filled with adventures and obstacles, but here we are: Team Food Deserts with our completed undergraduate thesis. All of us would definitely say it’s been a fruitful experience, not only because of our research, but also because of the relationships we’ve formed with each other. In these final months, we worked with our mentor, Dr. Stephanie Grutzmacher, to ensure that our thesis was coherent and thorough, with an accompanying presentation that was succinct and accessible to a diverse audience.
We wanted to make sure that, given the short presentation time, we could deliver our background, methodology and results to those with varying degrees of familiarity with our project and the larger issues surrounding our research interests. Translating our 100-plus page thesis into a short, visually appealing, and interesting presentation was a welcome challenge. Half of us created the presentation, and the whole team provided feedback upon its completion.
Before the presentation, we considered possible questions and concerns of the audience members and discussants. This way, although only a few team members presented at the conference, each person participated in the Q&A period.
We were very pleased with the reception of our project by our experts and the general audience, and we really appreciated the comments and questions. We were excited to see that the audience could relate their experiences to our project and also offer suggestions for improvements or future directions, because food access and nutrition is ultimately something that affects us all.

Rutvij Pandya : Class of 2013: Team Food Deserts
Rachel White: Class of 2013: Team Food Deserts

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