Friday, February 13, 2015

Precious Gem: Pablo Goldschtein

Our sophomore Precious Gem this week is Pablo Goldschtein, who a valued member of Team MORALS. Pablo hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is an International Business major with a minor in Spanish Business and Culture. As if that was not enough, he is seeking to add another major within the Business School as well. He is currently enrolled in 15 credits this semester, which include his Gemstone meeting, some business classes, and Gen Ed classes. He speaks most fondly of his Conflicts of Latin America class in which, as the name would suggest, he learns all about the dynamics of different conflicts throughout the history of Latin America.

Pablo has many passions, which is why he is a member of the Primannum Honor Society, as well as the Association of Latino Professionals in Accounting and Finance (ALPHA) in the Business School. Of all that he does, his biggest passion is soccer. Whether playing, coaching, or watching, chances are you can find Pablo around a soccer field if he ever wants to relax and enjoy himself. Pablo even says his fondest moment about soccer is "going to the stadium for the first time with my brother and my father. I was five. There was no going back at that moment, soccer became my passion.” He currently plays in the Washington International Soccer League and in the OAS Inter-Business League. He also coaches the under-13 and under-14 teams for Toca Juniors FC, for whom he played when he was younger, and at summer camps in between semesters.

Pablo has his sights set on a career that allows him to use his International Business major and also allows him to travel back to Argentina. His family is very important to him and he cherishes every opportunity he gets to see not only his family in the United States, but also his extended family back in Argentina. While he would still like to live in the States, the possibility of going back to see family, friends, and enjoy Argentinian culture excites and motivates him to succeed in his academics. Pablo works harder than most with soccer, extracurricular activities, school, and Gemstone, but he is still a charming guy, who is fun to talk to. Be sure to be on the lookout for him around campus.

13 February 2015 - Nate Nenortas

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