Wednesday, December 3, 2014

22 Feelings Every Gemstone Student Knows

1. Being loaded down with tons of work and just wishing you could be back at Gems Camp

2. When you have a case of the Monday blues, but then you remember that Mondays mean GEMSTONE JAVA!

Plus it’s a great chance to talk to the Gems staff

3. When you literally cannot wait for Gems Formal

You can buy tickets at the ticket office in stamp or online at

4. And you get there and it’s like:

Can’t wait to eat some Chick-fil-a and pizza before dancing with my friends!

5. When you’re a freshman in Gemstone: hearing about all the teams got you like

6. And in your head it’s like:

7. When you’re a sophomore: and you realized that Junior Colloquia is you in one year

8. And the fact that senior thesis is in two years:

9. When you are a junior and Junior Colloquia got you like, "how did we get here? How are we here already?"

10. When you’re a Senior team in Gemstone and you’re like we got this

11. But in reality you’re freaking out

12. And being really sad because you never want to leave

13. Being in Gemstone means taking a team picture is serious business

14. And then you spend half of a team meeting arguing about matching colors

15. Nice team acronyms got you like

16. You get super competitive at Fall Food Olympics

And seeing people cheat by not eating the whole pudding!!

17. Knowing you have the best staff ever

18. When you have 3 midterms in one week

19. But then you realize so does everyone else

At least we'll all be studying together

20. When you’re super prepared for any job interview because you can talk about Gemstone

I'm fabulous

21. When you look back and are seriously impressed with yourself and Gemstone

I am a Gem

22. When you realize 3 years is not enough time to spend with your amazing team

3 December 2014 - Carolyn Lane

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