Friday, September 11, 2015

TLDR: Advice for First-Year Students

1. Socialize with the people on your floor and keep your door open!

"Keep your door open as much as possible and stop in to talk to people in your dorm" -Scott, Class of 2016

2. Attend office hours if you're struggling and make sure to go sooner rather than later, office hours tend to get busier later in the semester.

“Make sure to attend office hours if you're struggling with concepts in a particular subject. Since professors and TAs usually get the most students coming into their offices right before the exams it’s a good idea to go to office hours as soon as you're having difficulty.”   
 -Jeannette, Class of 2017

3. Make mistakes, take risks, and don't be afraid of imperfection.

“Make mistakes and don't be afraid of failing a few times, because the college experience really is about growing as a person and making new friendships and connections. Put yourself out there, take a few risks and you will be surprised to find out what you are capable of :) ”

-Alex, Class of 2017
4. "Don't be afraid to be yourself."  -Rayna, Class of 2017  

5. Your team is one of the biggest, most important parts of your time in Gemstone.  Bond with them and become the definition of squad goals.

“Find a project that you're passionate about and really get to know your teammates. A good relationship with teammates is half the battle of a successful project.” 
- Lauren, Class of 2016

6. Get involved with GSC and their events.  We're super fun, I promise.

“Participate in GSC-hosted events and bring your friends”   

-Ed, Class of 2015

7.  The Gemstone Team Rooms in the basement of Ellicott are a great place to study!

“Use the Gemstone team rooms to study late at night! There are usually Gemstone students studying for the same midterm, or doing the same homework set. Also, you can't beat that commute.”  -Melanie, Class of 2017

8. "Don't lie to Dr. Skendall.  She'll find out." -Ed, Class of 2015


9. "It's okay to change your major or not know exactly what you want to do." -Kym, Class of 2017

10. Check out the Stone for information, fun articles like this, features on Gemstone students, and more!

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