Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meet the GSC: Operations Committee

Meet the Operations (Ops) Committee for 2015-2016!

Vice-President of Operations: Carolyn Lane

Carolyn is a junior Mathematics major and part of team MTB.  She hopes to be able to effectively promote all Gemstone events as VP of Ops this year and is super excited about GEMS FORMAL!  She loves baking, eating (particularly eating ice-cream), watching Parks and Rec, and hanging out with her friends.  She is also positive that there are more black squirrels on South Campus versus North Campus.

Public Relations Chair: Stephanie Chill
Stephanie is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major on team MATRIX.  As this year's Public Relations Chair, she hopes to be able to reach out and meet more Gemstone students and help them get involved.  Her favorite activities include knitting, watching TV, listening to music, and singing out loud.  If she had to watch one show forever, she would watch The Office.  She loves Gemstone because research is AWESOME.

Journalist Co-Chair: David Nguyen

David is a freshman Mechanical Engineering major.  As Journalist Co-Chair this year, he hopes to be able to write amazing articles, which inform and inspire everyone to do fun and incredible things.  He is a pro-gamer who loves spaghetti and meeting new people.  His favorite thing about UMD is E2 and he thoroughly enjoys his GEMS100 class because it is super lively.  If he could only watch one TV show forever, he would watch Adventure Time. 

Journalist Co-Chair: Nazifa Chowdhury

Nazifa is a freshman Computer Science major and as Journalist Co-Chair, she also hopes to write articles which are interesting and helpful to readers.  She is excited about all the fun Gemstone events, especially GEMS FORMAL!  She loves watching How I Met Your Mother and singing Taylor Swift songs out loud.  She is also an avid eater of chicken curry and thinks Gemstone  is awesome because the people in it are the loveliest.

Multimedia Design Chair: Trinish Chatterjee

Trinish is a freshman Electrical Engineering major and as Multimedia Design Chair this year, he hopes to make event promotions and The Stone cooler by making some awesome memes.  When he is not busy doing homework or busy with the activities of the various clubs he is part of, he likes to watch some good old Netflix and play the piano.  He especially loves watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and claims he can watch it for the rest of eternity, while eating pizza.

- 14 October 2015 –Nazifa Chowdhury

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  1. Yo this is like. The best committee. Ever.