Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Night to Remember

It's almost here! The night you've been waiting for. The night you'll finally be placed on your team. Your Gemstone team for the next 3 years of college!

All of us in Gemstone have been through Team Formation Night, and experienced the emotions and feelings that come with it...

At first, you're pretty nervous...

But you're also super excited!

I mean, you're about to get your team… YOUR TEAM!
This project is going play such a huge role in your life over the next three years and you're going to get teammates! And you'll probably get super close to said teammates!

So it's finally here, and you're in class trying to decide on which teams you want to be on…

Maybe you co-authored a project sheet and you've put so much effort and attention into it. Maybe you really, really, really want it to become a team. Maybe you stayed up late into the night working on the project sheet and video

Maybe you co-authored a project but you find another project more interesting…

Maybe you're worried about making the right choice...

Or if you had to put the teams you're excited about, and you can't decide which ones to put, or if you should just put them all?!

And any Gemstone student already on a team will tell you that it's the big picture and big topic that are most important:

Either way, after you turn in that paper, you know it's out of your hands and you just can't wait to find out what's going to happen

You might be internally freaking out a little...

People will probably talk about what they wrote the whole walk back to Ellicott, which might stress you out

But then the evening will continue on, in the normal Gemstone fashion…

While you're waiting for the decision, it may feel like time just keeps dragging on…

An unspecified amount of time will pass…
Maybe you're in the lounge, maybe you're in your room, maybe you're in the hallway refilling your water bottle when suddenly

What's this? An email? …from Dr. Skendall?!
It's titled "Welcome to Team…"

You open the email in almost shock as you begin to digest what's happening

Maybe it's exactly what you were expecting

Or maybe it's not

Maybe you're a little disappointed or not sure how to feel…

Maybe it wasn't that one team you had your mind set on…

Maybe you're feeling like you never get what you want

Or maybe you're apprehensive about your teammates…

But in a year, or maybe even a week, this will be you

You look around and see that everyone is basically in the same boat as you

And then you start to remember what exactly the team is about, and start to really think about it…

And then you think of the different directions this project could go in, and your own opinions about the topic, and what should be done, and you're all like

And then you start to look at who your team members are, and OMG ONE OF THEM IS IN THE LOUNGE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!

You keep scrolling as you start to think…
This is awesome…I'm on TEAM. A REAL GEMS TEAM!

And then you get a friend request or a notification to join the team's Facebook page!

You seriously can't wait to bond with everyone!

You just KNOW this team is going to be amazing


And maybe you’re still a little nervous about how all this will work out, but you have Team Gemstone next week in 102. Everything will fall into place!

And even if you’re not sure how it will turn out, you’re excited to start this 3 year process with a clear, set goal and a bunch of other teammates.

Will it be perfect?

Will it be an amazing three years, no matter what?

-7 April 2015, Carolyn Lane

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