Friday, April 24, 2015

Precious Gem: Zeke Gonzalez

On a dark, stormy night, a Precious Gem nomination was received for our very own GSC President: Zeke Gonzalez.
This member of Junior Team SAVIOR had apparently just made 8 tupperwares' worth of homemade chili.

"He transcends everyone in popularity, thoughtfulness, playfulness, and originality," his nominator wrote. They had "come to realize Zeke has many talents, including cooking, [...] maintaining friendships, corralling [his] housemates together for bonding activities, managing his portion of the bills, leading his Gemstone team, leading the Gemstone GSC, leading his Swim practices, being an active participant in his classes, [and] managing a crazy schedule." And as we continued to read the nomination, we also wondered how we would even go about writing about our dear President. In other words, the question we started to ask ourselves was:

How do we begin to describe Zeke Gonzalez?

Zeke Gonzalez is flawless.

He's taken up the role of Vice President for UMD's Swim Club in order to lead the charge in eradicating pesky snakeheads from swimming pools!

We hear his hair is insured for $10,000.

He'll always compliment your vintage skirt

Except when he's hangry.

We can usually hear him singing in the Gems Suite

He basically discovered a new species of bugs while working at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

We hear he does GEMS Ellicott Hall!

As a tour guide, Zeke uses his experience with nature to impress incoming freshmen

He helps us come out of our shells

His favorite TV show is Hannibal

One time, he met Jessica Lee in the Gems Suite

And she told him he was pretty.

One time, he punched me in the face.


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