Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gemstone Top Terps

The third annual Gemstone Top Terps Awards Reception was held this past Monday evening in McKeldin Library. We're incredibly proud of these students for all their hard work that they've put in so far with the Program. If you haven't heard already, here are the winners:

Class of 2018
Rookie of the Year Award: Elliot Frank

Class of 2017
Most Valuable Team Member Award: Adam Berger, Team VESSEL
Mentor of Year Award: Dr. Susan Dwyer, Team MORALS
Librarian of the Year Award: Jeremy Garritano

Class of 2016
Most Valuable Team Member Award: Isha Agarwal, Team SAVIOR
Mentor of the Year Award: Dr. Zhengguo Xiao, Team BASIC
Librarian of the Year Award: Eileen Harrington
Outstanding Junior Colloquia Presentation Award: Team BASIC
Outstanding Junior Poster Award: Team Haptic

Non-Cohort Specific
Gems Camp Leader of the Year Award: Eileen Ser
Outstanding CONNECT Mentor Award: Tracy Sebastian
Outstanding Section Leader Award: Kara Higgins
GSC Presidential Award: Nikki Wolfrey and Ben Borchers

Congratulations to our Top Terps! Be sure to join us at Citation Ceremony - May 20th, 7:00pm at the Memorial Chapel - to celebrate our seniors! The Class of 2015 awards will also be announced at that time - hope to see you there!

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